Our Company

We are a small, innovative, efficient team with a wide array of skills. Our services include front end, back end, web, desktop, and mobile app/game design/development.

In addition to having decades of experience in technology fields, we have also collaborated in projects internationally. With the convenience of being surrounded by talented people in the Bay Area, we can scale based on project needs without difficulty. Although we have worked and experimented in various tech areas, we are computer and software engineers at the core.

Areas of Expertise

  • Internet of Everything / Internet of Things - Arduino, wearables, home automation
  • Networking - routing, switching, application
  • Simulation - networking, physics
  • Games - 3D, educational, puzzle
  • Apps - social, educational, business
  • Web - cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Heroku, Google
  • C, C++, ObjC, C#, ActionScript, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP

Meet the Team

Syamala Raghuram

Syamala, as President of Vitapoly manages the day to day business operations and client relations for Vitapoly. She collaborates with her high-powered team and clients to deliver high quality technical projects for fortune 100 clients. She has a proven track record of driving financial results, business growth and an asset value through development and delivery of projects, strategies, systems, operations and best practices. Syamala has 20+ years of experience overall working with business stakeholders, CXO’s and executives enabling solutions and expertise to problem-solve and improve the performance of companies across various fortune 500 companies. Her experience includes working with Hi-Tech (Technology), Media & Entertainment, Education & Publications, Healthcare, Retail for fortune companies. She has a master’s degree in administration and a diploma in HR program from UC Berkeley.

Mark Chen

Previously the Lead Software Engineer at Cisco for 13 years and cofounder of a mobile app development company with over 10 years of experience in software engineering and project management.

Jun Chen

Lead Software Engineer at Penn National Gaming (Acquisition from Rocket Games in 2016). Jun has also worked as a Software Quality Developer at Adobe Systems in the Flash Player and Flash Authoring team for 5 years.

Michael Wang

Worked in the computer networking field for 16 years as an Architect and Manager at Cisco and Concentrix, with experience in leading a 40-member team on a multi-million dollar product used by millions of users.

Our Portfolio

Blast Buzz

Brands use Blast Buzz to get matched with people to co-create and amplify buzz about their products and services on Facebook and Twitter. It takes 1-2 minutes to set up a campaign for buzz-creation...
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Unity3D iOS Plugin

The only Unity3D plugin that allows developers to access the raw iOS API. Unity3D is a crossplatform 3D game engine. Our plugin opens entire frameworks from the native iOS SDK. It was featured and was on the top 10 overall list of the Unity3D Asset Store....
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Air Extensions

Our native extensions for Flash/AIR open up all of the APIs in the low level native frameworks. We want to level the playing field between native developers and Flash/AIR developers...
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Cross Platform Games & Apps

We have published over 20 games and apps to the iOS and Android stores, with millions of downloads...
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